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I was talking with a Yoruba friend on December 18, 2015 and it was really a funny discussion. At first he said Roland the Southsouth is not part of Biafra and I responded to him that we are. I had to educate him that we are one indivisible people. That the states strategy today was formulated to divide us and it has not worked.
I asked him, “the Governor of my State (Delta State) where is he from?” I could feel how cold he became when he received my response, that my State Governor is an Igbo man and he is called Arthur Okowa Ifeanyi. Governor Okowa was born at Owa-Alero in Ika North-East Local Government Area of Delta State.
The next he said was that we would suffer under the Igbos. I had to bring him up to speed, that there would not be any thing like that. The whole states in Biafra are blessed with mineral resources and every state shall be responsible for its land and the resources it contains.
Then he said, “the Igbos will fight with us.” My response is, we and the Igbos are one people who are bounded together by same ideology; culture and religious belief and these are the criteria that form the basis for peaceful coexistence.
At this point; he realize that I am not one of those the Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba can deceive with their divisive strategy against my Igbo brothers.
At least; I asked him one question which he could not answer me. I asked him the following:
(a). Why are the Yorubas and Fulani/Hausa fighting really hard to ensure that they create divide between the one people of the Southsouth and Southeast?
(b). Could it be that they love the people of the Southsouth so much and wanted them to join Arewa or Oodua?
(c). Could it be because they are very interested in their economic; political and sociological development and want to ensure that they are developed when they join Oodua or Arewa?
(d). Is it the Igbos who shared the Niger Delta which include Abia and Imo into oil blocks among themselves?
(e). Is it the Igbos who fight against true Federalism and Resource Control which we have been clamouring for over the years?
(f). Is it the Igbos that shut down all the ports in the SouthSouth (Port Harcourt; Sapele; Koko; Calaber; Warri) for the port in Lagos just to kill the commerce in SouthSouth and SouthEast?
(g). Is it the Igbos that fault and kill the PIB proposed with 10% community share?
(i). Is it the Igbos that concession Onne Port to Atiku Abubakar to continue the exploit of the people of Rivers State?
Till now I am still expecting answer from my friend…
Roland Ediri Idimi is a Mechanical Engineer.

A Discussion Between Urhobo man called Roland Ediri Idimi And Yoruba Man called babatunde called On Niger Delta Vis-A-Vis Biafra

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