A major GOP representative has just made a move that could prove Obama funded terrorism, which in turn could put him in jail for treason.

According to Conservative Tribune, U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter has written a letter to the Justice Department’s inspector general asking if the FBI was involved in a potential cash payment for the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. If this is true, it would mean that the Obama administration had broken the law by effectively funding terrorism. It is illegal to pay any sort of fee for the release of a hostage.

This would also mean that the FBI overstepped their boundaries as well. Since Bergdahl was a soldier not a civilian, it means it is up to the military to take action to secure his freedom.

They (the FBI) don’t have the assets,” Joe Kaspar, Rep. Hunter’s chief of staff, told Fox News. “They don’t have the resources.” Hunter claims FBI agents went to the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan to pay the ransom. After the money was paid, the FBI’s contact told them that Bergdahl would soon appear. However, he never did.
 Bergdahl was later traded for five of the Taliban’s top terrorists by Obama. He is now facing a court-martial for desertion.
We can only hope that this letter gets Obama impeached and put in prison, which is EXACTLY where he belongs!
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