Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Michael Emenalo- Chelsea technical director, Opens Up On Jose Mourinho Sack.

 Michael Emenalo - Chelsea technical director, Opens Up On Jose Mourinho Sack.
Michael Emenalo- Chelsea technical director Opens Up On Jose Mourinho Sack.,  Emenalo has disclosed the truth about the dismissal of team coach, Jose Mourinho.
The Nigerian ex-international lamented that the club are in a difficult situation and the decision had to be reached in the interest of the London club.
Michael Emenalo  said: “It was a decision taken to protect the interest of the club. He has done a lot for the club, the fact of the matter remains that Chelsea is in trouble, the results are not good. There obviously seems to be a palpable discord between the players and the manager. We feel it was time to act.”
“The owner is forced to make a very tough decision for the good of the club, we make no mistakes about it, Chelsea one of the best and biggest team in the world is a point above relegation in the EPL and that is not good enough.
“Anybody, fan, even those that have any affiliation with the club, can understand that the club is in trouble and something needed to be done.”
However, former Chelsea and Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti believes lack of motivation among Chelsea players led to the team’s poor form before the sacking of Jose Mourinho.
The goal.com correspondent suggested Chelsea players relaxed too much in the league which led to their poor form and subsequent sacking of Mourinho.

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