Sunday, 20 December 2015

SHOCKING!!! Biafra- Fr Mbaka Behind DSS Rerfusal To Release Nnamdi Kanu

                SHOCKING!!! Biafra- Fr Mbaka Behind DSS Rerfusal To Release Nnamdi Kanu

Mbaka visits Buhari
The Federal High court in Abuja on 17th of Dec. has discharged and acquitted the director of Radio Biafra Nnamdi Kanu from terrorisms charge leveled against him by the agent of the federal government of Nigeria, the department of security services and that he should be release unconditionally without any string attached to it. This court judgment has earlier erupted a wide jubilation from across section of the sympathizers, followers and Biafran believers who took to the street in all the states in the old Eastern and across the world in solidarity to the judgment of the court.
Mbaka visits Buhari
In the commercial city of Onitsha the Army opened fire on the the jubilating crowd and 4 people where reported death and 11 others were sustained injury and there after, the soldiers traced those injured to the hospital and took them away, including the dead bodies. As people were still expecting the DSS to release Nnamdi Kanu in accordance of the court rule and the documents to be signed having been fulfilled. As of 6:30pm on 18th of Dec., following the secret meeting between Rev Ejike Mbaka who was in the state house in Abuja and the Nigerian president Mohammadu Buhari, the DSS later announced that there is a fresh charge labeled against Nnamdi Kanu and as result of that, that the court order and judgement will be set aside and that the fresh allegation is now labeled on treasonable felony.

Information reaching us from intelligence services gathered that Rev. Mbaka Advised the president not to release the director of Radio Biafra if he wants peace to return to the Eastern Nigeria. He further advised that the people will soon get tired of protest and return to their normal businesses. This now shows that mbaka is more intrested in his own personal business and church making money activities alone that the praying for the freedom of his people.

You could recalled that Mbaka has earlier two months ago following the visit of the wife of president Buhari to his ministry in Enugu, condemned the Biafra protesters, alleging that the protest is evil and useless since the federal government lead by Buhari has done nothing wrong to warrant such a protest from Biafrans. Mbaka support for Buhari started when the wife of formal president Goodluck Jonathan refused to give him the private phone number of his husband, president Goodluck after her visit to Adoration ministry in the run up to 2015 presidential election that ushered in the the administration of this present government.
The DSS has become the law and Mbaka has become demigod, what is your take about this?

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