Saturday, 19 December 2015

KILLERS OF IPOB Memebres AND Biafrans-BUHARI,Rev Mbaka,Wille Obiano And Their security Agents

Buhari ,The Nigerian Army And Police The Shooters Of Biafran Supporters  And The Killers Of IPOB Members

these are the men that shot and killed 8 biafrans and injured over 50 others simply because they were rejoicing over the news of ipob leader's release

on the extreme left is col. issah abdullahi (08053862233) and next to him is brig-gen ibrahim attahiru who is the goc of 82 division of the nigerian army.

these men gave the command to kill biafrans and later took the victims' bodies to unknown destination.

please biafrans should call or text col. issah abdullahi on 08053862233 to find out what he has done to the dead bodies.

An IPOB MEMBER reported and questions  what will Willie Obiano stand to gain by killing his own people ? 
A mans enemy is members of his own household. He that supp with me has lifted up the heel against me. Beware of men who came to you in sheep clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.They came out from among us but they are not of us. What a man sow that shall he also reap. Get well brother...Ndi Igbo ibem, am sorry if I sound unreasonable but it's only he who wear shoe knows where it pain them.i have lost a friend n a brother to this it pains me each time I see an Igbo man lying lifeless or injured on the street from the maltreatment of uncivilized soldiers.all I advice is that we tread with caution n avoid casualties.

Image caption Many ethnic Igbos feel Nigeria's central government does not represent their interests
Five people have been killed in south-eastern Nigeria after police opened fire on supporters of an activist who backs the creation of a breakaway state of Biafra, campaigners say.
An Abuja high court on Thursday ordered the release of Nnamdi Kanu, which prompted celebrations on the streets.
The police in Onitsha city said shots were fired after officers were attacked and three people were "feared dead".

Mr Kanu was arrested by the authorities in October, accused of treason.
He is the director of the banned Radio Biafra and heads the separatist Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) group.
Biafran secessionists fought a three-year civil war in which more than one million people lost their lives. The uprising was eventually quelled by the military in 1970.

The court order to free Mr Kanu came after Nigeria's secret police withdrew criminal charges against him. It is not clear what these were, but may have been related to running a radio station without a licence.
But he has not been released from detention as the police say they are still investigating his alleged involvement in terrorist activities.
The clashes in Onitsha were prompted by "overzealous police officers firing at unarmed civilians who were celebrating a court victory", IPOB co-ordinator Uchemna Madu told the BBC Hausa service.
Fifteen other people were seriously wounded, he said. 
Image caption Nnamdi Kanu has been in the custody of Nigeria's intelligence agency since October
A police spokesman said the shots were fired after the protesters attacked the security forces.
"One military officer was severely injured and had his rifle damaged," Okwechuku Allie said.
Since Mr Kanu's arrest, young people, mainly from his ethnic Igbos, have been protesting in south-east Nigeria and the oil-rich Delta region.
They belong to secessionist groups like IPOB and the Movement for the Actualisation of a Sovereign State of Biafra (Massob) and feel they have been discriminated against by those in power.
The Nigerian authorities have always maintained that most of the issues the Biafra activists are complaining about are not unique to southern part of the country. 

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