Saturday, 19 December 2015

Bin Mohd Calls For Biafra Freedom

Radio Biafra's photo.

 Bin Mohd wrote....
This Biafra has gone beyond the world what are the international committees doing ....let them conduct them referendum for their freedom if that they want and let them be free...they are accusing the British and some world powers for killing their people in 1967/1970 where more than 6.3 million people dead ..but the British buried the history according to them because British are the people that genocide their people ...let them be free for their future .
Yes this is the issue of Palestanian and Isreal ..if Isreal and palestainian should divide been Muslims and christains ..then i believe what you said @Fundamentalist peace since the Biafrans are christain and the Northern Nigerians are Muslims then let them separate and have their freedom because the world has become digital for the youths ....

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